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OUR BRANDS "Neirami: lights and lines that give emotions"

Why talk about Neirami?

Neirami stands out among the Italian fashion brands for the quality of its garments, which find a strong point in the essentiality and uniqueness of their lines and patterns.

The style is born from the personal and professional union of two souls, who with their experience and sensitivity give life to a line of clothing, free from the conditioning of the dominant fashion, but capable of representing the style of modern, free women with strong personalities and with a thousand shades.

The female soul is Laura Nardi, for many years costume designer in cinema and advertising, while the male soul is Danilo Traverso who, with his experience in the Link Project and in the Alchemic Workshops, has learned to give shape and light to his creations.

The Opificio Neirami is based in Bologna and that's where everything was born, with particular attention also to environmental and energy issues.

Neirami fashion design is characterized by loose, soft and comfortable lines and unconventional cuts

The fabrics, the colors, the attention to detail arise from an observation of the world around us, capturing its lights, shadows and shades and with particular attention to the emotions that these external images evoke in one's imagination.

Every woman who wears Neirami knows that, once worn, a Neirami garment has the ability to caress the body and soul in its uniqueness and becomes part and protagonist of the style and way of life of the woman who wears it.

For years, ALORI 1961 has loved and proposed Neirami garments.

It is an experience that allows us to meet people who are very different from each other in terms of character and physicality, who almost always once they meet the style of this brand they never leave it.

If we have intrigued you, take a look at Nairami's models and patterns for this Spring-Summer:

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