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TEST: Find the perfect jeans model for you!

Write down the answers and see which letter prevails in your choices (a,b,c,d), at the end of the test you will find some indications for choosing your jeans.

1. What is your body shape?

a) Apple-shaped (broad shoulders, wider waist, narrow hips)

b) Pear-shaped (narrow shoulders, narrow waist, wider hips)

c) Hourglass-shaped (balanced shoulders and hips, narrow waist)

d) Other shapes

2. How much do you like to show off your legs?

a) Very much - I prefer short styles like shorts and hot pants

b) Quite a bit - I like high-waisted styles but not too long

c) Not too much - I prefer straight leg or bootcut styles

d) Not at all - I like wide leg styles like palazzo pants

3. How much are you willing to invest in a pair of jeans?

a) As cheap as possible

b) I don't want to spend too much, but I'm willing to invest in a good quality pair of jeans

c) I'm willing to spend a bit more for a branded or high-quality pair of jeans

d) Money is not a problem, I just want the best jeans on the market


4. What is your personal style?

a) Casual and comfortable

b) Boho chic

c) Classic and sophisticated

d) Trendy and fashionable

5. What is your favorite color for jeans?

a) Denim blue

b) Black

c) Gray

d) Other colors

6. Which feature of jeans is most important to you?

a) Fit and comfort

b) Quality of fabric

c) Design and style

d) Trendiness and originality

7. Which accessories would you pair with your favorite jeans?

a) Sneakers or flat sandals

b) Boho boots

c) High heels or ballet flats

d) Trendy shoes like ankle boots or stilettos


Majority of a): A form-fitting and stretchy style might be the best for you.

Majority of b): A high-waisted and flared style might be the best for you.

Majority of c): A straight leg or cigarette style might be the best for you.

Majority of d): A wide leg or palazzo pants style might be the best for you.

Of course, this test is just a general guide and does not account for all possible combinations of body shape and personality.

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