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Rome: Capital of Italian Fashion and its International Influence

Italian fashion has always been synonymous with excellence and refinement.

There is a long tradition of craftsmanship in Italy, characterized by attention to detail and a passion for quality

that enhance the made in Italy.

Rome, with its history and culture, has provided a solid foundation for the development of this sector and helped create it

a unique and recognizable style.

Rome as a creative and innovative center

Rome has become a hotbed of creativity and innovation in the fashion world.

The city attracts talent from all over the world, thanks to its unique atmosphere and the inspiration that can be drawn
by its timeless beauty.

There are major events and fashion shows that take place in Rome, such as the Fashion Week and the fashion shows
of the great Italian designers.

The influence of Rome on the international scene

Rome has always exerted a strong influence on international fashion.

Great Roman stylists have conquered the world with their creations,
(From the Sorelle Fontana to Valentino, from Bulgari to Fendi, passing through Gattinoni, Battistoni, Capucci and many others) making Rome a point of reference in the fashion scene.

Many celebrities and important influencers have chosen and still choose Rome as a background for their photos and as a source of inspiration for their creations.

The presence of ALORI 1961 in Rome

In the summer of '61 Morlupo, 30 km from Rome, was still a small town.
In Corso Umberto 32, a few steps from the main square, Angelo Alori and his sisters inaugurated the first emporium in the area, an ante litteram Department Store which today, thanks to the work of Angelo's children, Arcangelo and Francesca, has also created a solid presence networked with a sales and communication site.

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