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Let's find out what Armocromia is

Armocromia was developed in the 1960s by American fashion designer Suzanne Caygill,
who studied the effect of colors on each person's skin, hair, and eyes. Caygill's system, which has evolved over the years,
is based on the theory of the four elements (air, earth, fire, and water) and the type of skin, which can be classified into four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter).

People of the spring season have a warm and luminous complexion, with shades ranging from golden to peach.
Recommended colors are light and warm, such as beige, yellow, coral, and olive green.

People of the summer season have a fresh and delicate complexion, with shades ranging from pink to blue.
Recommended colors are pastel and delicate, such as blush pink, sky blue, lilac, and pearl gray.

People of the autumn season have a golden and intense complexion, with shades ranging from brown to copper.
Recommended colors are warm and intense, such as brown, burgundy, forest green, and mustard.

People of the winter season have a cold and luminous complexion, with shades ranging from red to dark blue.
Recommended colors are cool and intense, such as black, white, midnight blue, and fire red.

Based on their season, therefore, one can choose clothes and accessories to create outfits that enhance one's natural beauty. For example, a person of the spring season could wear a beige dress with gold accessories, while a person of the autumn season might opt for a burgundy sweater with a brown bag.

In addition, armocromia can also be useful in avoiding style mistakes, such as pairing colors that are too contrasting or not harmonious enough.
Choosing the right colors for one's complexion and style can make a difference and make us feel more confident and comfortable in the clothes we wear.

In conclusion, armocromia is an important knowledge to have to enhance one's natural beauty and create successful and harmonious outfits. Knowing one's season and recommended colors can help choose clothes and accessories that best suit our skin tone and style.






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