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Spring-Summer 2023 COLORS top and flops

Let's see together the trendiest and least appreciated color combinations for next season.

With the arrival of spring-summer 2023, women's fashion offers us a vast choice of colors,
let's discover the colors declared TOP and the FLOP ones.

Among the colors promoted we find pink, declined in all its shades, from blush pink to intense pink.
Pink goes perfectly with white, creating a fresh and romantic look, but also with black, for a more rock and gritty look.

Another promoted color is yellow, which evokes the energy of the sun and nature.
Yellow pairs well with white, black, and blue, creating a bright, sunny look.

Green, especially the emerald green shade, is another very trendy color for the spring-summer 2023 season.
Green goes well with pink and white, for a fresh and spring-like look.

Lilac is another promoted color for next season. It goes well with pink, blue and white,
creating a romantic and delicate look.

Turning instead to the rejected colors, we find beige, which despite being a classic and versatile color,
is a bit too monotonous for the summer season. Better to opt for brighter and more cheerful colors.

Even brown was rejected, especially in combination with black, which is too dark for the spring season.

Finally, grey, a very versatile color suitable for many occasions, is too sad for the summer season,
it is better to opt for more lively and sunny colors.

In conclusion, women's fashion for the spring-summer 2023 season offers us a vast choice of colors and combinations,
among which pink, yellow, green and lilac stand out. Better to avoid beige, brown and gray instead,
for a fresh and cheerful look in perfect summer style. Choosing the right color for our outfit is important
to express our personality and style, without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

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