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Elenco dei prodotti per produttore SEVENDAYWONDER

“sevendaywonder” means a miracle, something that is created in extraordinary circumstances, awe-inspiring, astonishing, amazing, stupendous, phenomenal.

At the core of our philosophy is that every woman’s beauty is a SEVENDAYWONDER – a living miracle. Seven days a week is also a metaphor for a lifetime, every moment of a woman’s life being a wonderous, astonishing, amazing achievement.

SEVENDAYWONDER - The Seven Miraculous Faces of Every Woman


Because philosophers, psychiatrists, analysts and holistic teachers have found that women’s personalities are directly aligned with the seven most important Greek Goddesses, these seven goddesses, with seven personalities, are inside every women.

Because women can be:
ATHENA: Fathers’ daughter. Intellectual.
HERA: Wife. Faithful.
DEMETER: Mother. Caring.
APHRODITE: Lover. Seductive.
PERSEPHONE: Mothers’ daughter. Fun loving.
HESTIA: Sage. Creative.
ARTEMIS: Sister. Fighter.

Because a woman can be any one or more of these women and have any one or more of these characteristics. We all change as we go through life, being born, growing up, starting work, experiencing our first love, finding a partner, having children or being an auntie to friends and sister’s children and so on. Everyone of us will associate with at least one of these goddesses during our life time.


Because every woman’s character and essence – her unique beauty – is a SEVENDAYWONDER, a miracle, something that is created in extraordinary circumstances.

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Mostrando 1 - 3 di 3 articoli