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Elenco dei prodotti per produttore SEVEN7

A lifestyle European born in Italy in 1978, raised in the United States. 

Seven7 Original is one of the first Jeans Designer brand – embodying the heritage of European fashion, the glamour of Hollywood, and the wildness and creativity vibes invading California in the 80’s. 

David Razon, owner and designer of Seven7 Original grew a fascination for Denim over time originating from the idea that Denim is tailored to be a lifestyle product naturally showing the way « you » live. 

His motto is « I don’t believe in Fashion, I believe in items » so he decided in 2016 to cease the opportunity of giving a second life to a high potential lifestyle brand with an authentic story: Seven7, today Seven7 Original.
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Mostrando 1 - 5 di 5 articoli