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Indigo and Goods is a menswear brand from London (IGL).
Timeless clothing not concerned with trends or rules, inspired by the lives of notable characters from past and present. We celebrate the free spirit, the honest rogue, and the anti-hero.
Mixing vintage workwear detailing with authentic British goods. We love fabrics with a history... that includes waxed cotton, harris tweed, old school cotton loopback..

...And we love indigo too.

Our founder is a designer who is obsessed with fabric and detail. Starting off as an outerwear designer at Ralph Lauren, he then moved into designing denim clothing. Along this 25 year journey he picked up a love of functional detail and a fascination with the ageing beauty of indigo fabric... And so "Indigo and Goods" mixes the two.

Alongside our design principles, what is also important to us is where raw materials are sourced...

To this end, we select fabric and produce garments in the right place working only with small factories we trust and are proud to be associated with.

The majority of garments are made in England, using cloths woven in Great Britain, Italy or Japan. Whilst our laundered denims are made and finished in Portugal, using European or Japanese fabrics. We visit these factories regularly and these people, like our customers, become our friends.

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Mostrando 1 - 8 di 8 articoli