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The sparkling world of this brand attracts travellers, artists and dreamers who like fashion that is generous, timeless and fanciful. The “Des Petits Hauts” style is the simplicity of the cuts and the refined details in ribbon, rhinestone and sequins. The brand has been steadily growing since it was founded and has never abandoned its little star that is a reference to The Little Prince. The collections have diversified with the introduction of coats, accessories and dresses, but the desire to see the world in a pretty way remains the same.

In 2000, two sisters, Vanessa and Katia, originally from Gien, launched a collection completed devoted to tops: pullovers, cardigans, t-shirts, polo shirts and shirts in ultra-soft materials and bright or pastel colours. They sourced the softest and lightest materials to find the perfect little top, the one that they and their girlfriends found it so hard to find in the shops. The brand “Des Petits Hauts” was born.

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