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Elenco dei prodotti per produttore BRADGIGGS

Bradgiggs expresses through its products the concept of “Be original” in every single hint. It is creating unique pieces authentically Made in Italy with an amazing oriental in uence at the same time.

The culture of the Land of Rising Sun gave the inspiration to name the products, in uencing the creations with the need of order and essentiality, typical of Zen’s philosophy.

The thorough attention to detail, the care in all the phases
of production are the signature of this exclusive project that seeks to create something unexpected and innovative. Those priorities aim at seduce everyone who wants to feel conquered.

The elegance of the nishing and the attention to details of our leather creations are visible at the immediate touch. First quality materials and artisanal manufacture make every single bag, wallet and backpack an excellent product that combines design and high quality handcraft, typical from Italy.
All products of the brand new collection 2018 are artisanal pieces strictly Made in Italy and produced in real leather.

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Mostrando 1 - 5 di 5 articoli