DRAKE'S LONDON cravatta uomo foderata cm 7 Unita cammello 100% seta

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DRAKE'S LONDON cravatta uomo foderata cm 7 Unita cammello 100% seta

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DRAKE'S LONDON cravatta uomo foderata cm 7  Unita cammello 100% seta


Drake's was founded in 1977 in London's East End, producing scarves and shawls for high-end fashion boutiques and traditional tailoring houses, before branching out into the ties and pocket squares for which the brand became known.

After working alongside Michael Drake for over a decade, Michael Hill and Mark Cho took over the company in 2010, with Hill as Creative Director. Drake's has grown from luxury accessories manufacturer to true design house, with a distinct and recognisable aesthetic; sartorially informed yet easy-wearing, contemporary yet timeless.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to craftsmanship and exacting quality. This, paired with our idiosyncratic design sensibility, is a bedrock for creating enduring garments and accessories of real worth. In the words of Michael Hill, "we make things that people can and will want to wear, for years and years to come."


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