TELLASON man denim jacket virgin 100% cotton MADE IN USA 12.5 oz

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TELLASON man denim jacket virgin 100% cotton MADE IN USA

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1. What's Selvedge?

Originally known as a self-edge, the term used since the 14th c. for a narrow tightly woven band on either edge of fabric parallel to the warp that prevents fabric from raveling. Modern weaving machines produce wide fabric and the weft (horizontal) yarn is cut on every pick (weft insertion). The selvage from antique narrow shuttle looms is formed as the shuttle passes back and forth during weaving. Since the yarn is not cut, the selvage is tightly bound and forms a clean edge. These old shuttle looms predate WWII and run on original wooden parts driven by leather belts creating a beautiful sound while making some of the most sought after denim in the world.

2. What's Raw Denim?

Raw or "dry" denim refers to fabric that has not been wet processed or manipulated in any way prior to purchase. By leaving the fabric in its original state, it is the wearer that determines the aging characteristics of their jeans. This “story” is told over time and is based on the wearer’s daily life and what they do in their jeans. After just a few days of wear, the jeans become completely personal and unlike any other pair in the world.

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