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List of products by manufacturer MOSAIQUE

Mosaique is the Italian clothing and accessories brand that is characterized by multicolored prints and variations

The history of the brand has its roots in the eighties.
From an entrepreneurial idea of ​​developing leather accessories, a solid company of Italian and international importance in the world of accessories has been built.
The philosophy is to develop and market a product that is both fun and refined at the same time, which accompanies the customer in his free time, whether he is by the sea or in the mountains. The color and the print are the characteristic elements, which are declined according to the collections and the seasons in dozens of variations following not the fashions but a timeless Mediterranean taste.
Made in Italy. The craftsmanship of our products refers to the manufacturing excellence typical of our industrial districts. The fabric and leather processing techniques make our products unique pieces.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item