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List of products by manufacturer ISABELLE BLANCHE PARIS

The company is family built, based in Florence, at the hearth of the fashion production Made in Italy. Backed by over twenty years experience in the fashion industry for large retailers, they are more than able to interpret the customers’ tastes and markets trends.

Isabelle Blanche was born from a dream: creating a clothing brand on our own with the typical characteristics of the ready-to-wear, aiming to follow the fashion trends with the right balance of quality, price and distribution.

The founder spent several years in Paris and has always been in love with its cosmopolitan feel. These feelings become the thread for telling the story of Isabelle Blanche.
The brand taste is extremely refined, feminine and sophisticated: a metropolitan collection suitable for daytime, evening, and in the free time. A dynamic woman, who loves to travel and combine different styles while maintaining strong her identity.

The collection, from the beginning, wants to portrait the woman: with thousand faces and facets, thousand thoughts and thousand contradictions… in short “being woman”.
A transversal look that perfectly fits the female face and the female needs, in every situation; a modern easy-wear style, but always elegant.

From PARIS to MILAN, from TOKYO to LONDON, the Isabelle Blanche Style has establish itself as a real trend: the alchemy of “male / female” becomes the new pop underground.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items