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List of products by manufacturer HAIKURE

Haikure The name derives from the word haiku, poem by Japanese minimalist inspired by the nature, with the ending of the terms nature, as well, future. It is a mixture of languages ​​which gives rise to an original composition, a name that evokes the future while respecting the present. A single word, the more concepts. A naming sounding sweet and strong at the same time, simple yet refined. Music to evoke emotions and leave open the imagination. 

A brand can identify not only a product, but the values ​​that inspire it. Exclusivity, sustainability, innovation, involvement, optimism, all this is Haikure. Exclusiveness of the garments which are the expression of the mix excellence of Italian tailoring, unique materials technologically advanced and eco-friendly and fits that enhance the body's curves. ? Quality and beauty come together creating a unique style. Haikure is innovative both in terms of web technology, thanks to the labels QR-Code, that at the product level. Together with ISKO, a leading manufacturer of hi-tech fabrics, the design is signed "Once upon a future" that provides for the development of exclusive materials that maximize the relationship? Sustainability and technology. Haikure also involves creating a new idea of community and maintaining an ongoing dialogue?, And direct contact with consumers through social media.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items