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List of products by manufacturer GARAGE NOUVEAU

Elisa Zara is the fashion designer who created Garage Nouveau thinking that not everything has been said in fashion, despite its excesses and its found imaginations. Thus, with Garage Nouveau, you have worked on a new and democratic idea of ​​luxury, refinement and style: an accessible yet unique luxury.

Garage Nouveau thus becomes the link between what is unattainable and what is indistinguishable mass, thanks to an evocative collection that is curated with passion for craftsmanship in every detail, just as the tradition of great Italian tailoring has taught.

Garage Nouveau is the synthesis of the balance between fashion and everyday life, old and new, desire and accessibility. The woman she addresses does not follow fashion, she interprets it and makes it her own, therefore unique and unrepeatable. From the fusion of creativity and everyday life, the Garage Nouveau woman stands out without being intrusive and is remembered without being brazen, with that class and style that make one of many, the only one among a thousand.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item